Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Promise Of Spring

I taught Pruning today.  At another location that involved a 43 minute car trip from my house.  And one of the people who took the class, loved it so much she asked if she could hug me.  Why, sure! I need a hug just like anyone else does.  The class was a delight and was well accepted even "if I did run a little long" as one front row gentleman mentioned.  So much to tell them.  And I still didn't tell them as much as they needed to know.  I LOVE being a Master Gardener.

And I love having a "driver" who will take me for long 43 minute drives and then come back to get me when I'm done.  I always said that if I won the lottery the one thing I would do "for sure" was hire a driver to take me places I was too scared to go on my own.  Now I have a driver right here at home.  And all he wanted was to stop at our favorite Cafe and have breakfast for lunch.  How could I say no.

The sun is shining but it's windy and chilly outside as the cold is coming from Canada.  I think I notice it more because I am in a warmer weather frame of mind.  My seedlings are under the lights.  I'm waiting for two kinds of peppers and several kinds of flowers to germinate.  The black hollyhocks germinated overnight.  It seemed.  The zinnias are showing no movement.

The two beds near the house and garage are bare of snow cover and tips of daffodils are showing themselves in the muddy soil.  My raised vegetable beds are still white with snow.  Two more amaryllis are about to open their buds.  Another red and what looks like a white.  My violets are starting to flower and the cape primrose is in bloom.  Everything is waking up. But very slowly.

I repotted all my geranium cuttings yesterday (making quite a mess) and trimmed and stuck the trimmings into the dirt for all the overwintered potted geraniums. If they root--great--if not well that's okay as well. They did just fine on the unheated sunporch as did the agapanthus and the Boston fern.

We watched a second night of BBCA episodes of Luther on Netflix.  G is enjoying them.  We have four left and then need to look for the next thing.  It's nice to have 2 or 3 hours of entertainment on evenings when there is nothing to watch on regular television.  And one night we just read our books and don't watch anything.  Daytime watching isn't something we will do unless one of us is sick.  And if we are sick--we should be sleeping.

One more day.  Then back to work.  I have missed it.  It's a great feeling when you love what you do for work.  It hasn't always been that way for me.  So this is much appreciated.


Susan Sawatzky said...

your tone appears to be changing with the season! You sound happy

Diane said...

You do sound happy! I have another question for you. Can you grow hollyhocks in Florida? I tried, four seeds came up, they never got any higher than 6 inches and I never got any buds. After 4 year, I pulled them out of the garden.
My Grandmother in Maine had beautiful ones each summer......