Monday, April 10, 2006

You Were the "Carrot"

I told myself I couldn't post until I got my taxes done and mailed. So you were the "carrot" dangling in front of me to finally get the work done. And it was awful. Two large checks. One to the Federal and one State. I hate giving more of our hard earned money to *THEM*.

A present from my husband. He bought these flat bowls and more cup like bowls for the color alone. I did use one of the fushia bowls for my breakfast grapefruit. Lovely. They are much brighter than the photo. No flash. But the roof has skylights and I think the light from above washes out the color. I have to make a sign that says "No photos in here" and post it where I'll see it.

I left this little label on this bowl. The Lime Green one. I have two of the Orange bowls --which were not as popular? Must keep the customers for asking for more? I wonder if it works?

Today is another beautiful day in Paradise. Sunny, mild and Spring. We don't usually (ever) have an actual Spring here in Maine. We have cold weather and then a blast of hot weather and wind which ruins all the tulip and magnolia blossoms in one day, and then it's cold again. Then it's the Fourth of July. We're not wearing coats.

Had a delightful lunch out with a friend. Indian food. I have no idea what I had but it had eggplant, tofu and lots more. Nine gems. I have a bag of leftovers for my dinner tomorrow. And we splurged and got the bread sampler. All delicious. We walked back to my friend's house and had tea and a visit from someone passing by. Small town life. Next door, a gardener was tilling the front gardens getting ready to plant. She ( the gardener) was smiling as she worked. I can't think of a better job. Shoveling and digging in a garden bed. Her company name on her truck--Pretty Flowers.


Deb R said...

The bowls are beautiful!

Deborah said...

Uber cool bowls. You have a great husband! Don't ask me about "gardening." We've been battling with the builder's landscape designer this week. Grumble.

kathy said...

wow! Your husband bought them for the color...lucky you to have such an observant and right brain guy!