Monday, April 03, 2006

We've Been Working

Here's a rather *juicey* photo to entice you to read this post. A wonderful view into the center of one of the red tulips my husband brought home with the groceries. We planted red tulips in front of our second house a long time ago. My husband was traveling in the Netherlands frequently and he brought home some very expensive Dutch tulip bulbs. The flowers were show stoppers. Deep red. Black dotted centers. Yellows and gold and green on the petal edges.

People wonder why we live in Maine. This is why. It was the best of the sky photos I took yesterday and still doesn't do justice to the blue. The picture doesn't convey the saturation level or the intensity. I already have a suntan!

So---the sky was blue and the sun was shining and we were raking the lawn and collecting pine needles and acorns into piles. I have my raking blister on my right hand. I was wearing gloves. My husband was on the south side of the house clearing out the flower beds we neglected last fall. And a good thing we didn't clear them since we never had any snow. Some of my perennials *frost heaved* out of the garden and the last of my rose bushes have died and gone to heaven. After 14 years, I think I'll have to agree with the experts--roses are an *annual* here in Maine. It's not the cold. It's the wet. Rots their roots.

I also have some fiber art content but no photos--yet. I painted two pieces of fabric and have a third, interesting piece that was a drip cloth under the second piece. Also, I didn't notice that I had paint on my new manicure. So now I have red and turquoise nails. First time I've done that. I can usually remove all the paint, glue and other stuff I get into and *save the nails*. not this time.

I've also started reading what may turn out to be a *good book*. I haven't had much luck finding something good to read, so this is exciting.

Also of interest, a website for the television show LOST. The bloggers have TIVO and record the shows and go back and do stills of the important *events*. They posted the *map* Locke saw on the lock down doors, translated all the Latin on it, had close ups of the airplane going over the motel (Oceanic), realized that the unmarried woman Locke was doing the home inspection for was Sahid's Nadia, and did a close up of the driver's license found on the body in the grave. Wow. They have a lot of time on their hands. They even think Anthony Cooper, Locke's *father*, is the con man who stole money from Sawyer's family. I'm just not paying enough attention here.

Editor's Note: Due to VERY popular demand! To find this site: Go to Dogpile. Type in LOST. Click on first entry. Scroll to March 30. Second paragraph has site for map. Click. If you keep hitting continue you'll find all sorts of entries to fascinate your LOST craving. I could just link you--but, hey, the hunt makes it so much more fun???


Deb R said...

Beautiful photos!

Do you have a website addy for the LOST site you mention?

Carol Dean said...

I second Deb's question about the LOST site. That show is SOOO addictive.

Deborah said...

Those photos are so arty, graphic and beautiful! More about the fiber art and the book, please. I don't even have to go to the gym on Wednesdays.... LOST gets my heart rate up enough!

judy coates perez said...

The air is so clean and clear there. My dad lives in kittery down the road from an oxygen plant where they actually bottle the air. My favorite though is to go down to the beaches in Maine where it is all stinky, to me it smells like heaven, my kids think i am nuts. LOL

Karoda said...

I was addicted and then it just became so complicated...I guess I'm a Gilligan's Island kinda woman...but, reading this, makes me regret that I broke my addiction to the show!