Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Can't Think of A Title

Today was just one of those LONG days at work. There were four full non-fiction carts when I got there--not bad enough so they wheeled a fifth one over. Had a volunteer there and she did one non-fiction while I shelved a cart of Mystery and then I did three carts of non-fic. My feet are tired and my eyes are spinning. Good thing it's Survivor night. Something to live for.

Today's photos are graphic goodies. The first--my paperweight. A ceramic rock. I just had to buy it cause I love anything with dots. This is a photo of my acrylic paint bottles. I store them bottoms up so I can see what color they are.

My tulips once again before they die. I just love the way they look. Yesterday my husband and I had a very nice day "out". He found two pairs of nice sweatpants--or shall we call them "casual pants" since I rarely, if ever, sweat in them. On the sale rack. Regular price $65 and I got to have them for $16 each. They have one thin white stripe down the legs but I have a dye pen and can make them solid black or put dots on them. I wanted and needed new "casual pants" so I am very happy.

We continued to walk around the Maine Mall to see all the new stores (Pottery Barn)--with no customers in them---until we came to William- Sonoma. We were gazing at the ceiling hung pot rack and the manager came over to say hello and ask if we had any questions. I recognized her as a Master Gardener classmate and we all chatted for a good while. Then another sales person comes on the floor and it's someone we've know for years. So we had a good, long chat. Then it was time for dinner at Macaroni Grill. Then it started snowing. So we went to the bookstore and I got Karen Michel's Altered Images book--which I devoured. I'm going to try everything. Page by page. Lost was great. Abby is a crazy in pajamas. This could all be Hurley's dream. Wouldn't that be awful????


kathy said...

what a stupidly 'duh' them UPSIDE DOWN so you can see what. color. they. are. Of course, you're so smaht!

Deborah said...

I agree. Paints upside down. Brilliant! Why didn't Terry's plan work out on Survivor? It was also brilliant.