Thursday, April 13, 2006

Life Is Just One Big Dress-Up!

Over twenty years ago, I got this little bear for Valentine's Day. She's 8 inches tall and her name is Muffy. She has on her original outfit. A little print sunsuit, ribbon on her ear and her pink shoes. I fell in love with her instantly. Then I found out you can buy clothes for her!

Here she is in her Easter bunny suit complete with basket. That's her clone to the left in a duck outfit. For a few years I went "crazy" buying outfits for Muffy. She and I have purchased quite a lot of them. The clothes fill a very large Longaberger basket. VERY LARGE. I thought maybe if I was reasonable in the amount of blog time Muffy got--she could dress up for holidays and special occasions. For awhile there, Muffy was sort of a surrogate *grandchild* since I knew pretty early on that there wouldn't be any real grandchildren. Now it doesn't seem to bother me anymore. So now Muffy is just a bear with lots of clothes.

My new pink tulips. Not as striking as the red ones were, but nice and Eastery. Yesterday I had a very busy day. Work, Manicure and Dinner with a Friend. LOL I am SUCH a spoiled brat! Yesterday we dined at the local Italian restaurant where they seemed to have had a shortage of red sauce. Everyone's dish, that I saw go by, had just a dot of sauce. My stuffed shells were sauceless and cheeseless. This place is called Impasta but should be Imposter. We had wine. Nothing matters when we have wine.

Watched LOST and it was okay. Bernard isn't a very likeable addition to the show. He could stay busy hauling rocks for the remainder of the show and never have another speaking part and I would be happy. He's a dentist and he has crooked teeth.

Also watched TopChef. Finally figured out what Stephen is doing. He only knows wine. Is not a chef. So he makes food with the attributes of a particular wine. That's why his ingredients look like a "science experiment" to the other chefs. And I'm pretty tired of the soup in shotglasses trick and the appetizer in a spoon. That's fine for a cocktail party, but this was a fancy sit-down dinner. I enjoy watching because I like cooking shows in general. But I haven't seen anything really special and some of these "chefs"----aren't. Tiffani can pack her knives.

Yesterday I pumped gas. Yes, Deb. I did it! All by myself. The gas light was on and I knew I'd never make it home so I had to pull into a gas station and there was no one to "help"---which means "do it for me" so I had to pull up my *big girl* socks and do it myself. The gals at Studio 119 where I got my manicure, were very proud of me. They say I'm "too funny".


Deborah said...

I didn't think Bernard was a very good actor either. Darling bear! A fashion show, please!

Deb R said...

I'm so proud of you!!

And yes, Bernard is boring.

I'm enjoying Top Chef, in a "fun to watch their snarky ridiculously pretentious (sp?) selves" sort of way.

Love the tulips!

kathy said...

I have the same tulips on my table. What's spring without fresh flowers, especially tulips. So what if they were store bought...soon they'll be right out of my own garden!!...and it took me forever to pump, but now, if I can 'pay at the pump' and not have to TALK to anyone, it's perfect!