Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rain- Work

Wasabi! the color is off even though I didn't use the flash. It may have been too dark in the room last night when I took this photo. The green is the color of wasabi and there is black nori color and a tiny touch of white. I may use this in a bowl quilt with white rice.

My Sonji Bundle, not! Sonji, where are you? I miss you. I decided to make myself a little bundle like Sonji's to cheer myself up--LOL---Sonji don't worry--I won't be a threat. I think the simplist things are really the most difficult. My painted fabric is a great example.

The book I am reading is LOST by Michael Robotham. A British detective looking for a little girl who has been lost for 3 years. The story begins with him hugging a buoy in the middle of the Thames river. He's been shot and is bleeding out. Has no memory of what has happened. I've noticed more guns being used in British police novels lately--the criminals are all armed now and it's probably too dangerous for them to go about without a gun.

It's really raining today and the fire danger will go down now and the spring flowers will bounce right out of the ground. I think it's a very *good thing* that we got all the garden clean-up done this past weekend. Time for me to finally get the taxes done and get ready to go on a vacation road trip. Virginia and then Georgia and stops along the way to visit with friends. Sounds good to me--except for the taxes part.


kathy said...

you posted this about an hour ago and as I look out MY window there's freeezing rain and this funny white stuff falling from the sky!!!! Bring on the flowers and I'm missing Sonji too.

Rayna said...

Finally catching up with blogs after a few days away teaching. Hope you're feeling better than the othere day. This is a wonderful photo, which I have fooled with and am sending under separate cover.

This book is sounding like something I would like. Must get to the library.

Elle said...

I love the "wasabi" fabric. Wasabi green is such a pretty color.

Who doesn't love Sonji bundles?