Monday, February 01, 2016

Well, I Certainly Didn't See This Happening

I had a tremendously hard time breathing last night.  The inhaler didn't help much and when I woke up this morning I still had what I would call congestion (no cough) and a feeling of heaviness in my lungs.  And to tell the complete honest truth--I was beginning to wonder about lung cancer.

Called my doctor.  Had an appointment but the office nurse decided, after talking to me, to send me to the ER for a chest Xray and a breathing treatment.

So there I was --wearing a hospital ID band.  I spent 2.5 hours in ER.  And the ER doctor said my oxygen levels were 100%, my chest Xray was perfect, my color was good and for my age I was extremely healthy.  And they sent me home with a prescription for a Z-Pak as the doctor thought a 2 month "cough/cold" was too long.

Everyone at ER thought I looked familiar.  From working down the street from the hospital.  So, while I rested in my ER bed I gave out helpful gardening tips and advice.

G found that fascinating.


Life Scraps and Patches said...

Glad you're fine! And that the ER staff got good gardening tips.

MariMo said...

Get well soon - and thanx for another fascinating story.