Monday, February 22, 2016

Patchwork--Making Something From Nothing

I have been foraging in the attic fabric boxes and closet for interesting (to me) little bits and scraps to use in making placemats.  By hand.  Not on the machine, unless absolutely necessary.

My ideas were sparked by the "free access" to Spirit Cloth's classes.  I picked up a few amazingly wonderful stitches.  The invisible tack stitch.   The Wizard Stitch.  The Split Stem Stitch.  I tried making a feather but---well, I will blame a lack of the proper threads for my absolute failure. (I got derailed for the better part of a day searching for my bags of threads-- and in the end, it took two full days to find them)

My "method" for the placemats is to cut a piece of flannel-like batting to the placemat size I have in mind.  At other times, I lay the piece I have been working on, on top of the batting and then cut. I happen to be "charmed" by irregular shapes.  Sue me.  (laughing)  I NEVER follow rules.

I don't have the thin, ancient scraps that Jude uses.  I use regular printed commercial prints.  Face up or face down.  They "needle" just fine.

I have been cutting the backing fabric large enough around the edges so I can fold it in half, once, and then pull it up over the edge of the top piece for a finished, sewn edge.  If I had to cut, fold and sew binding on--the placemats would never get made.

I have four finished and the fifth is waiting to have the "binding" slip stitched in place.  For two of them, I have used class projects that were never finished for the tops. I did have to do the invisible tack stitch all over the surface (but not through the backing) to hold down pieces that were loose. I like the "feel" of all the tiny tack stitches as I run my hands over the surface.  One of the placemats has a fabric Valentine tacked to it's center.  Made those years ago and this one got "left behind".

I am wondering if I have to add the placemats to my list of "50 things to get done" as one or as 5?
Truth be told, I am only on number 11.

In other important news, I have FINALLY made and consumed my very first smoothie.

The impetus for this "first smoothie" was a little see thru box in the produce section of my grocery. They had four varieties on display.  I chose the "body builder" kit with apple slices, carrot sticks, a lemon wedge, a chunk of ginger and a few pieces of raw beet.  I added a handful of kale leaves. I really like all the ingredients and perhaps would have been better off just eating them out of the box?

My Vitamix made all these chunks into a smooth "juice" that tasted like beet DIRT.  I added a peeled tangerine and a peeled baby cucumber to try to "sweeten" things up.  Nope.  I could only force myself to drink half---shuttering after each gulp.  Yesterday I added some Splenda to the second half and forced myself to drink it. Waste Not. Maybe I need pineapple and grapes to sweeten it all out????

I do like the "water" I make in the summer with cucumbers, mint and lemon.  I just blend until it's all "water" and then add more water and drink it.  Sometimes I add ginger root.  But that's not a smoothie.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Love the place mats. It seems like things were just waiting to come together.

Maybe the body building smoothie just wasn't the right one for you. My grocery has some frozen smoothie fruits to blend with orange juice and yogurt. The grands love them. Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before the prince comes along.