Monday, February 08, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year

The Year of the Monkey.  Lively, playful.  We could use a year like that, since it's an election year and all (smile).

Snowing again today.  And it's very cold, no sun and the wind is pretty sharp.  Actually winter.
The Super Bowl was a Super Dud and we left the game (on tv) before the half and watched Downton Abbey instead.  Followed by Worst Cooks in America.  Much more entertaining.  My personal opinion on the Super bowl is that the two teams that make it were A) just lucky  B) too exhausted to play  C) or like to crash and burn in a very public display of....... incompetence.

Watching them roll around on the ground repeatedly fumbling the ball------ I would have blown the whistle and cleared the field.  Refunded the money.  Done.

I had a lovely job interview this morning.  With another employer.  Now I am trying to wrap my head around starting over someplace else.  Do I want to?  Should I?  Wasn't I just talking about limiting the number of months I wanted to work this year?  The Year of the Monkey.  Wow!

I found some pelletized seed packages.  Carrots, Beets, Scallions.  Easy to see and plant evenly. All the seeds are coated with this red clay substance--makes the tiny seeds bigger and brighter.  What fun. I don't have to do (Monkey around with) the flour paste and toilet paper thing this month.  Pasting the tiny seeds out in a grid on the toilet paper--ready to lay down on the soil surface (in the garden) and cover lightly with soil or compost. 150 of each.  Gosh.  150 carrots rather than the 20 I got this year.

My milk jug project (7 gallon jugs) is outside in the garden.  G placed all the jugs in little depressions he made in the snow.  They got rained on and now are covered in snow.  The caps are off--so a bit of rain and snow has probably gotten inside to moisten the soil.  G wondered what the odds were for any snowflakes or raindrops actually making a direct hit.  Now I don't think that matters as the top of each jug has a little white snow cap.  That will melt eventually.  And the seeds haven't actually germinated yet--they are still "sleeping".  I have two more gallon jugs and one half gallon to plant with seeds.  I asked G to look into the recycle bins along the street for more jugs ---- you should have seen me eyeing carts at the grocery--for ones with three or four gallons of milk.  A milk-jug stalker!!!

I haven't gotten the onion seeds started yet--that's my next project.  I'll be using the nice 6 by 10 inch salad boxes (with lids) I get Spring Greens and Baby Kale in.  Have to ask G to drill holes in the bottoms for drainage.  I am checking to see just how much seed starting soil mix I have on hand.

Happy New Year!!!


Gretchen said...

About the job it something you wanted to do? You could try it out to see if it is a good fit. But, I do remember that you were looking at cutting down the amount of time you worked. Interesting dilemma!

And yes, the game was kind of ugly...but that's the way defensive games look. The Broncos have a great defense and for some reason it rattled the Panthers. But, I still enjoyed it...and was happy that Manning won.

It's suppose to snow here for the next three days but my little corner of NYC seems to get the least amount of snow. Think that's because I am so close to the ocean. I do agree, it has turned cold and windy here also. Winter has stopped in for a visit this entire week.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

I've used pelletized seeds for petunias. I can't imagine planting those bitty seeds any other say. Just relax and enjoy the interview process. You'll make the right choice.