Monday, February 15, 2016

Feeding The Birds

I sent G out yesterday afternoon to fill the bird feeders.  They were edging toward empty and, as I told G, if you have bird feeders out--you have to keep them filled.  It's a contractual thing with the birds.  Especially when it's so very cold. The birds have made a choice to hang around our yard--eating-- and if we stop--well, finding new food could possibly be impossible.

We had the usual chickadees and a new bird (for us) the Titmouse.  A very cute bird with a big brown polka dot eye.  I love anything with polka dots.  Both types were in the Weigelia right by the side of the sunporch.  All puffed up.  Trying to use the branches to cut the effects of the wind according to G.

Riley didn't get a walk.  G is very cold sensitive post bypass and it was just too cold for him.  I am having trouble breathing in cold air so I couldn't pinch hit.  Poor dog.

I spent a lovely morning reading "free" class information on Jude's blog-- Spirit Cloth.  I am now going up to the attic (unheated) to look for suitably aged fabrics to make something unique.  I don't have much.  Mostly commercially printed stuff which Jude doesn't care for.  I think she mentioned cutting up Thrift store clothing that is thin and faded.  At my Thrift store, that all goes into the rag dumpster and is sold as bulk to "someone" but not me.  I remember in the "old days" a regular table filled with a heap of faded and worn items.  But no more.  And I have never tried my hand at dye even though I collected quite a few old damask napkins.  

Instead I will go up and find some very pretty commercial stuff and make a few placemats.  Hand stitched.  Using all those lovely stitches Jude has now taught me.  Wizard Stitching.  That little tack stitch.  Split Stitch Filler.  And most of all, the feather.  I think each placemat will have at least one feather....... floating.

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