Friday, February 05, 2016

Hello, Again

Well, even though it was 50 something degrees yesterday and most of the landscape shrubs had fat buds and very green leaves ---- we now have snow.  Lots of it.  Started snowing very early, before I was awake, and continues into the late afternoon.   Snow globe snow.  Swirling around outside.

The dog is happy.  He loves snow.

G isn't happy.  He has to go out and snow-blow it all off the driveway.

I think it's pretty and wintery but I have no where to go--so it's okay with me.

Our daughter had to drive home in it but she's safely home and getting her own driveway shoveled.
No school here in Maine.  So, it's pretty quiet outside.

G and I just finished our usual late lunch while watching House Hunters (Naples, Florida) and one of the houses looked like something I would actually love.  Big open plan and everything white.  On a golf course.  Not that I would use the golf course.  The golf cart?  Yes.

I took my last capsule of the Z-Pak and I still have a cough--but the chest congestion has lessened. I am going to return to "Deep Couch City" and read more of this Norwegian murder mystery which keeps going back and forth from 1538 to 2010.  I ate the last few pieces of my TJ's dark chocolate covered caramels last week (or the week before) so I won't be tempted to get up off the couch to get candy.

I did some laundry and we have lots of leftovers to eat.  Not much work for me to do this afternoon.  So, I will just sit and read.  Until it gets dark outside.  I am reminded of last February--when I was cooking beans every week--trying out new dry chilies for the flavoring.  And this February we are trying to eat as many potato chips as possible with our lunches.

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