Tuesday, January 27, 2015

We're Okay

It's snowing sideways outside.  Bitter cold wind.  The snow is so dry it crunches under your feet and hurts your skin.  White out conditions when the gusts.

We still have lights, heat and books to read.

Riley is having the most trouble.  He waited until 15 minutes ago to go out for his morning pee. The pee lasted a good long time and then he plowed his way back to the porch (at least 24 inches deep in the yard) and wanted to go back in.  He's refusing to eat as well--no breakfast and no lunch.  He will eat if I hand him food.  Hope it's all due to weather and not something else.  He most likely doesn't want to have to go out to poop either (dogs are smart that way).  The birds were eating at the feeders this morning but I hope they found a spot out of the wind to rest up.

G has done the front and back porches so we can exit the house if we need to.  Snowplowing would be useless with the wind blowing so hard.  The street aren't being plowed.  Everything is closed. Businesses etc.  As I said, the snow is light powder.  The ski areas call it champagne powder. Good for skiing terrible for plowing or shoveling.

I think in the "old days" they ran a rope from the house to the barn so the farmers didn't get lost in the blizzard on the way to and back from the barn to tend the animals.  I can see how that would happen going out to the barn and even to the outhouse.  Getting lost and wandering until you froze to death.

We'll stay inside.

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diane said...

So glad to hear you are safe. You are correct regarding the rope from the house to the barn. My father grew up in northern Wisconsin on a farm and spoke often of the blizzards and the necessity of holding onto that rope to keep from getting disoriented and lost during the whiteout conditions.
Hope Riley is adjusting to the snow and doing well. Take care.