Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Consider Everything An Experimemt

I pulled that quote from "And Sew It Goes" blog post.  I have always followed this rule.  I love a good experiment and usually try one or two of them each vegetable gardening season and share the results with my students.  The successes and most of all the failures.  We tend to learn more from our failures.

I kind of think of my life as one long, involved experiment.  I am always day dreaming of a do-over.  A chance to go back in time and make different decisions.  There is a new show on one of the young people channels -- Hindsight-- where the young woman goes back in time to 1995 and chooses NOT to marry--right at the altar.  And the trick here is she remembers the future.

My current experiment involves the bathrooms in my house.

The carpenter is coming tomorrow and we will be discussing the eventual re-model of the two bathrooms on the main floor of the house.  They sit in the architecture back to back.  One opening on the hallway for use by occupants of the two bedrooms and any guests we may have.  The other opens from the master bedroom. I want them both to look exactly the same--same cabinets, toilets and sinks.  Same tiles.  Same round black knobs on the cabinet drawers.

I have been considering the bowl sinks in the above photo.  I am thinking there would be an enormous amount of cleaning involved if I choose this sink.  It's very lovely to look at.  But the sides of the bowls would get dirty, the countertop around and behind would get dirty.  And do I really want to spend time cleaning all that every time we use the sinks????  I think under mounted sinks are the way to go.  Wipe off the counter top and done.

I like the fact that everything in the photo can be mopped--under.   I now know I don't like cabinets that rest on the floor.  Scrubbing those baseboards is not something you can count on me doing.

I am doing (thinking of doing) all this work--because my husband thinks I should have (finally) a really nice bathroom in this house.  And he hopes this morphs it's way into a kitchen I actually love.  He's off the mark on that one--as the kitchen I have was a huge upgrade to what I was used to in other houses we owned.  It's just gotten old.  As we have.  It's been 23 years.

Thank goodness he isn't thinking of replacing me.  Yet.

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Susan Sawatzky said...


I've been told that those sinks, although very pretty are difficult to wash in besides needing a lot of cleaning around and about. I wanted some very like those when we remodeled in Spokane and was talked out of them by a remodeler.

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