Friday, January 02, 2015

Welcome to 2015

Yes, that is a big French truck filled with freshly baked baguette.

Too bad it isn't parked in the driveway.  Along with butter and a jar of apricot preserves.  Or cheese and some delightfully dry baked ham.

Which reminds me of my plan to order a maple baked ham from the place I ordered it from years and years ago.  That was a really good ham.  Very expensive but we ate every crumb of it.

I don't make New Year resolutions.  But I was trying to go on the daily walk with Riley and G each morning.  Until this morning when I decided to take a hot shower instead.  It was the right choice.
I also washed four sweaters in the machine rather than by hand.  Delicate and all.  But one never knows if that will make mittens out of them.  I don't know if those are resolutions but those are decisions I made today--good or bad.  We'll see.

Yesterday I watched the Tudors on BBCAmerica.  I gave up around Catherine Parr.  Everyone else got their heads chopped off.  What I think I liked best was the commercials for Orphan Black.  G and I are trying to limit ourselves to three episodes a day.  But we are almost done with them, sadly.  What a fascinating series.  Helena is my favorite clone.

I still have my Christmas tree up.  I wait the full 12 days of Christmas and take it down on January 6th.  All the felt Santas have belts.  All done.  I made 8 but gave one away to my son.  I still haven't made the Christmas Eve Pierogi but I plan to do that in the next 7 days (or so) because I like them and I think I will make some really vinegary roasted pork to go along with them.

I am enjoying my fifth day of unemployment.  Waking up early, still, but that's okay.  I get to read the newspaper and eat my bran flakes without watching the clock.

Now, I am making a salad to go with the pizza G has gone to get.  Romaine, carrot, feta and Ranch dressing.  No olives because I don't have any, no olive oil dressing because I like Ranch better with feta.  My impression of Greek Salad.   Because it's "all about me" and that makes me laugh.  Happy New Year.

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