Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's Elementary, Sort Of

I don't even want to be reminded of how many times I tried to delete this picture just to get the type to line up on the left side instead of in the center of the page. Let's just talk about the fact that one of the Clivia plants I own has two flower buds that look quite similar to this photo.  Taken the last time, years ago, that one of the plants flowered.

I have customers, who bring me enormous plants to divide, who say their Clivia blossom all the time. Wish that I was so lucky.  I did divide my plant (one huge thug) into many individual plants perhaps 2 years ago.  I think it (they) have to get back to their large pot bound selves before flowering.  They are all orange.  This one is perhaps the yellow.

Did you see them on Elementary this week.  Part of the plot.  The murdered guy gave all his girlfriends yellow Clivia and brown paper bags of fertilizer.  That smelled of coffee and mackerel.
The name rhymes with the name Clive.

I am reading The Son a mystery by Jo Nesbo.  But, while it's quite interesting, it's not Harry.

I am walking with G and Riley each and every day.  It's a cold walk.  But I feel so much better having gone on the walk each day.  I think it takes between 45 minutes and an hour depending on the condition of the snow pack.  The sun was shining one day and the walk in the snowy woods was very beautiful.

Riley has an infection (or something).  We are soaking his right rear paw four times a day and he is taking 2 capsules twice a day.  Wrapped in plenty of cheese.  None of this seems to be bothering the dog--well, he hates having his foot soaked-- and we were thankful he didn't have an allergic reaction to the pills.

I haven't accomplished one damned thing on my list in the three full weeks I haven't been working.

I have consulted with the carpenter regarding the bathroom remodels.  And the tile guy.  The plumber will be coming by also.  I have two weeks to go looking for bathroom vanities, toilets and sinks.  The tile guy is sending samples of the tiles I mentioned wanting (along with his estimate) so I can carry them to stores with me. We are hoping the plumber has samples of porcelain finishes (along with his estimate) so I can match the 30 year old cast iron tub to the new sink and toilet in bathroom #2.  Number one will just need matching white sinks and toilet.

Did you know that there are many, many whites in bath fixtures.  And they look pretty awful next to each other if they don't match.  I thought white was white.  NOT!!!  And "white" subway tile is just the same.

I now have a Pinterest Board devoted to the bathroom remodel. Me.  I have no idea how to look at my board but I suppose I can ask the kids at work to help me out.  And if I can remember my password?

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