Thursday, January 08, 2015

Baby, It's Cold In Maine

And I'm searching the internet for bathroom ideas before the carpenter shows up.  I like this bathroom minus all that grey grout between the tiles.  I think the tiles could be tightened up, meaning less grout.
But where would all the "stuff" one uses in the bathroom be hidden.  A sunken box in the floor? I tend to like this spare design because I really, really, want to live like this.  Just enough, but no more.

I am quite the "packrat" when it comes to bathroom supplies.  I find something I like and "presto pronto" it is discontinued.  Now that I have a Trader Joe's within a 30 mile radius I am buying the refresh citrus body wash whenever I see it.  The shampoo and the conditioner are already gone and not coming back.  So I shampoo my hair with the body wash.

I no longer have any of the body lotion I loved.  Discontinued.  It was fragrance free and the new ones are so stinky (fragrant) that I get a headache.  My soap is a thing of the past as well.  My toothpaste isn't being made anymore.  I have had to buy small tubes of other brands and try them out. So far, no luck.

Does this happen to you???

It's is terribly cold here in Maine.  It never even made it up to zero today.  Riley didn't get a walk.

I started work on the dining room table.  Trying to clear it off.  Tomorrow the tree gets undecorated.
I have been trying to make a list of projects to get done during my 12 weeks of unemployment. It isn't going well.  I keep getting sidetracked by the table clutter.  There is so much.  I sort something out and then have to find the spot where it goes and then get it in with what is already there and usually find something that should be somewhere else------and that leads to not much being accomplished.

I did change out the shower curtain---- LOL----

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