Monday, June 23, 2014

Window Boxes Are The Best Decoration

It's like "eye candy" when done just right.  Shows off the house, the windows etc.  I try my best to send customers off with a great window box.  Or boxes.  I ask about the color of the house, sun or shade, watering etc.  All the facts!  I need to ask about shutters.  I love the pale blue green of these.  Like sea glass.

My hours at work have been cut again.  Down to 6 hours a day.  Which is okay.  Business is slow and it's hot.  Nice to be able to just leave.  On the way home I got myself a strawberry ice cream cone.

And on the road to my street, the strawberry pickers had set up shop for the first day, I think.  I didn't have any cash (I had spent it on the ice cream) so I had to get home, find money and get back in the car, with Riley, and by the time I got there, they were out of berries and rolling up the flag.  I reserved 2 quarts ($5 each) for tomorrow at 2:30.

I am CRAZY for fruit right now.  Bananas at work.  Cherries while watching television.  Red grapefruit with my yogurt for lunch (when I have lunch).  A pineapple to cut into chunks, also good with yogurt for lunch.  The watermelons (small seedless ones) were $6.99.   I skipped it because of the strawberry ladies.  I love strawberries.  Especially the Maine ones when they are deep, deep red.

Sunday wasn't a very pleasant day at work because of a nasty co-worker.  Today was better (she wasn't at work).  I need to get to bed an hour earlier and sleep more, even though I wake up long before I need to.  I'm not tired, exactly, but I think I need more sleep.

Book Sale set up on Wednesday, all day.  I hope they have watermelon chunks on the snack table.
We have 2556 large cardboard boxes of books to unpack and set up on tables.  Over 70,000 books. And it's my job to get all the volunteers trained and keep them working until everything is out of the boxes and lined up, facing the right way so customers can read the spines.  Then we sweep the floors and take the flattened boxes to be recycled.  Yes.  All in one day.  7:30 to 4pm.  It's amazing.

Tonight it's hot Italian sausages, fried potatoes and onions with a side of sour cream, dill and cucumbers.  Yesterday I had the last bowl of elbow pasta, heavy cream and melted sliced American singles.  It was so good, I was sad that it was all gone.  

I'm hitting the shower.  Doing a load of darks and then starting dinner.  Bye.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Strawberries, strawberry ice cream cone . . . sounds lovely. and those cherries too.