Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thanks For Visiting, Come On In!

I'd have to have a closet removed to get this 'look" in my house but I like it.  I wouldn't like the coats hanging there.  G and I don't have coats that look nice.

Five Things:

1.  On Monday I looked at the house next to the work parking lot and said "I want my Thermos back" because it's been missing since I set it on the ground two weeks ago while loading my car.  We checked the dumpster.  G searched the car.  I searched the car.  I supposed the neighbors saw it on the ground and came and got it.

 I wanted it for yesterday at the Book Sale Set Up.   This morning, I was looking for my raincoat in the car, pushed up the back seat (which had been moved down to load boxes) and "what to my wondering eyes did appear?"  My thermos.

That is really a surprise.  More like a shock.

2.  The Book Sale Set Up yesterday was sort of like Homecoming for me.  People I worked with back "in the day" (18 years ago) are long gone but people from 10 years ago showed up and helped.  G came to help and he hasn't in many years.  The team I recruited to head up the sale organization arrived just in time to bid farewell to the guy they recruited to take over for them.

No one has volunteered to take the job for next year.  And movers had to be hired (and paid) to move the boxes of books.  Times change.  Perhaps the Boomers won't be much like their parents--The Greatest Generation--who still come to help--in their 80's.

3.  I walked for two whole hours with my friend on Tuesday.  After work.  My knee feels better and my leg hasn't been as swollen.  Not perfect.  Just not as bad as usual.

4.  My friend P and I went to the "retail store" on Monday evening.  She was shopping for her parent's 70th anniversary.   I was looking for linen shirts and linen pants.  I was greeted by almost every employee who I had worked alongside last winter, and some I didn't remember.  With smiles and happy comments, asking if I was returning.

It would have meant more to me if they had actually done that when I was employed.

5.  Tonight we are going out for French onion soup.  It's 60 degrees.  The heavy rain last night trashed my peonies.  The deer have eaten every single pretty plant in my garden beds.   The hosta are gone.  The tops of all the roses are gone.  The pretty blue flowers (whose names are not coming to mind) are gone.  I need some comfort.

French Onion Soup should make it all better.

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Susan Sawatzky said...

I hear ya on the deer. When I bought this house last summer I determined that i was going to have to learn to co-exist with them since they are quite a fixture in Port Townsend.

I planted some Autumn Joy sedum thinking they wouldn't touch it. Three plants, one totally chomped to the ground, why only one?