Friday, June 20, 2014

The Peonies Are Blooming

And these, are roses!!!   What a dummy I am.  But I have little time right now to go find the peonies, which are the same pink.

It's a beautiful Friday.  Not cold.  Like last week.  Not raining in buckets.  Like last week.

Riley and I walked about this morning, checking out the garden beds.  Some hosta has been eaten by the deer.  A new plant is in flower.  In all probability it's a weed but the blue/purple flowers are interesting.  The vetch is flowering (why such a pretty blue on a weed?) and I am pulling it up.  I may go snap a picture in the late afternoon.  Not now when the sun is too bright.

Did I just say that?  The sun is "too bright"?

Now to pack my lunch and dress for work.  We are suddenly busy at work.  Bugs, diseases and fertilizer will fill my day.  How will you spend yours?

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