Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Outdoor Shower

My friends in Florida have one, but right out in the open for all to see. They use it to wash off beach sand so it's not tracked into the house.  A good outdoor shower needs walls and a door.  And plenty of hot water.

I remember when the kids were very young and we were very poor, we went camping with a tent. We usually stayed at campsites with toilets and showers.  I would take the kids into the shower with me and scrub them down (and out of their bathing suits) and then push them out to G who would towel them off and dress them in pajamas.  Then he would take them off to the tent and I would have a proper shower and unlimited hot water.  Washing away sand, dirt and whatever else the kids had rubbed all over me.

Then I dressed and went to the tent and G took his shower.  By then the kids were sound asleep.

I never slept well on those trips.  I'm not a good tent sleeper and usually chose to sleep in the car. People are either "good campers" or they aren't.

The joke in our family is that I consider "camping" to be a hotel without room service.

But an outdoor shower?  When we have just finished digging in the garden?  Okay!!!


Susan Mcd said...

I'm with you on camping but the outdoor shower sounds positively idyllic! Susan

bidtl said...

Growing up near the beach, we had an outdoor shower. We used from around June until the weather got too cold, usually around September. My in laws still have one in their yard. When we visit, its always a treat. It seems more refreshing, maybe because all the humidity that the bathroom creates isn't there?