Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Riley's View Of The Back Stoop

G built these square wooden planters years ago and last summer added the wood "bandaids" to hold the boxes together.  We leave the soil in over the winter which is not a "Good Thing".

I have two small pieces of a lovely pink dahlia in each box (in the center) and surrounded that with a selection of orphaned petunias and some of the Loew's zinnias.  The slugs or snails are working on eating the zinnias.  I also notice, now, a few yellow dahlias.  We sell them as annuals but they have a tuber so, technically, could be lifted and saved from year to year.

The terra-cotta (plastic) pots hold over wintered geraniums.  Still haven't made any flower buds so I will be surprised to see what color they are.  Over to the mid left you can see my three year old rosemary plant and, if the photo was better, my two year old Bay Laurels.

G re-covered the deck with a man made 'wood" decking.  Very, very hot.  No bare feet on the deck. I often worry about Riley's paws as he waits by the door to be let in.  I might have to add a throw rug. The white wire chairs are vintage IKEA.  1983 in Germany.  I still have the original chair pads as well.  In fact, I have all the IKEA stuff we bought.  And it's all being used.  I remember my brother visiting and he and G sitting and working on all the screws and little fasteners that came in the flat boxes. Cabinets with many drawers.  Still in use in my sewing room.

I am dressed for a very hot and humid day at work.  Very baggy, old lady shorts and a lightweight white linen shirt.  Yesterday "would" have been my first training day at the retail job.  Until 11 pm.  I am so thankful that I called and said I had changed my mind about working.  Today would have been another work day until 11pm.  And then the ride home.  Not in bed until midnight.

I used the hip and knee problems as a reason and it was a good call as both are acting up and causing me to hobble around like a need a cane.  The left hip, mostly.

I have a question.  If a person is telling a lie, which way do they look? Up to the left or right?  I have a co-worker who, I think, is not so much lying, but not exactly telling the truth.  And she looks up to the right when doing any talking.  Or is it just a defense mechanism?

Time to pack my bag and start off to work.  I have an order of 200 succulents arriving and I have to do what is necessary to keep customers from taking them before the owner arrives.

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Paula, the quilter said...

On the lying part, I have no clue. But we put the Trex on our front deck that just gets blasted by the hot SW sun. It is so hot that the 'wood' has bubbled. Be careful of Riley's feet.