Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Storms, Winter Roads & No Sunshine

It's been that kind of week, so far.  G was kind enough to drive me to work.  Well, first he drove me to the hospital for yet another blood test, then to work, then came back to get me to take me to see the doctor, and then took me back to work and then picked me up at 6 pm.  The roads were terrible.  I am wondering if our Town intends to plow this year or not?

All my tests were great.  My BP has gone down (for no reason at all--I am not doing anything different).  My rash is gone (likewise--for no reason).  My hip still hurts.  (bursitis takes forever to go away).  My triglycerides (spelling) was 69.  Amazing.  I think that's due to not eating much flour and sugar.  We all know I eat a great deal of FAT and Dairy.

I celebrated with two raspberry filled jelly doughnuts from Frosty's.  Yes, I know that was stupid.  But they are SO GOOD and the local grocery has them in the bakery case.  For the first time in my life here in Maine.  Frosty's new owners must be baking during the day.  The old owners only baked (fried) from 2 am to 8 am.  When the doughnuts were gone--no doughnuts.  I had TWO raspberry jelly doughnuts in the 20 years we have lived here.  I managed to get one at a library meeting about 10 years ago and one on my own in that same year.  So, being able to buy one "any old time" is both exciting and terribly depressing.  It was delicious.  THEY were delicious. And now I am over it.

I confided in G that I have one too many jobs.

I am so tired.  I wish the holiday was over--but that just means "returns" and after sales.  The nightmare that is my "seasonal job" is never ending.  And the real joke--I haven't had a moment's time to use the coveted "discount" to do any holiday shopping.

The upside?  Well, I get laid off from my number one job on December 24th.  Then I will only have the retail job.  And the first week (after being laid off)  I will have three days at the retail job.  So, this might be okay eventually.  Still time to shop when everything goes on sale.

I have all the materials set out for my annual (re-started) Christmas card.  I just need to find time to actually DRAW.  And dear, C.  I have all your stuff in a pile.  Next to the box it goes it.  Not in the mail.  Bad Mommy.  So sad.  Perhaps tomorrow???????????????

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