Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Card Trees - Years Ago

One, from this series, is in a very nice frame in my neighbor's house across the street along with another from a different series.  I, personally, do not have any of the trees I made each year.  This purchased "photo" card holder was one of the nicest I ever purchased.  I think I got the box of them at Goodwill.  Gold embossed holly leaves.  If you ever come across old boxes of good looking Christmas photo cards--I will glad buy them and pay postage.  I think they are a "thing of the past" with email and e-cards.  And Facebook.

We had a big storm last night.  The snow at the end of the driveway was up to G's knees when he went out to snow blow it early this morning.  I was supposed to be at work (greenhouse) by 9am.  I called.  No one answered.  I called again at 10 am.  No one answered.  I called at 11 am-no answer.  By 3 pm I decided to change out of my work clothing.  Have you EVER heard of an employer who would close for the day and NOT notify his employees????  Well, not notify me?  I think he has the cell phone number of one young woman and she knows all the other young people.  I do have keys, so could have been sitting there, lights on, doors unlocked, waiting for the others with an unplowed parking lot.  Wow.

I worked Friday and Saturday until 11 pm at the retail job and tomorrow, as well.  Working two days in a row is better than once a week.  I was a much better employee.  And I was very, very tired.

So, all in all, I enjoyed my "snow day" by setting up  my work area and making Doodle Trees.  As with everything, the first few weren't worth much--but once I got the bugs out I was able to go back and "fix" them.  I also made a colored pencil drawing of a Norfolk Pine which looked really nice in the "not so lovely" Hallmark photo card holder.  Now I have to draw more of those for next Christmas.

I will try and find time (and daylight) to take pictures of the Doodle Trees I have finished.  Six, I think.  So, I need to make 4 more.  Or 6 more if I send out 12.

G had leftovers of the meatballs and sauce I pulled out of the freezer--so I had dinner for the first time in about a week.  Here in my own house.  What a novelty.  I'm going to read a book, now, another novelty.  And go to bed at 10pm.   My retail shift tomorrow is 10:30 to 7.  Pretty nice.  I really, really hate working until 11:30 and climbing into bed after midnight.  Too old for this.

Did I mention that it's really cold?  Like zero.  And very windy.  83 in Florida.

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