Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Card Workshop- 2013

I move my placemat and napkin to the side and set out my supplies for a session of drawing.  Not that there are any "real" meals being served here.  I am not home to do the grocery list making or prepare any meals.  G is struggling.  Sandwiches.  Take out.  Leftovers thawed out of the freezer.  Pasta.  I'm thinking this morning would be a good chance for me to get a pot of chicken soup going.  For him.  He does have snow to clear off the driveway.

Our daughter had her bathtub drain clog this morning as she was taking an "after shoveling the driveway" shower.  Guy came over pronto (what good news is that!) and found three bottle caps in the drain.  S doesn't use things with bottle caps--so the clog was there for all the years she has lived there.

Here are the Tree Doodles I have managed to finish and the Hallmark card holder with a pencil drawing of the little Norfolk Pine.   I have them numbered as an edition of 5.  So I need to make 2 more.  The Pine drawings look better in the card holder than the doodles do.  So the doodles may go in an envelope all by themselves with a small card saying Merry Christmas.  Or a note.  I guess I could write them at some time?   What do you think of the doodles??

G purchased two pears for me--- I thought for lunch but I think he was reminded of the red pear he bought for me several winters ago (long time) that I painted and used as "models" for a few weeks in the winter.  He did select ones with interesting shapes and tones and stems.  I may try to do a few Pear Portraits.  Edition of three or five.   They would also look good in the Hallmark card holder.

My request at the retail job (belated though it was) has been granted.  No scheduled hours after this week later than 6:30.  This week?  Brutal.  All 11 or later.  Getting home at midnight is not making me a very happy camper.  And, to add to the struggle----- the greenhouse wants me to work past Christmas.  OMG!!! I have NEVER worked past December 24th.

I am moving to the kitchen now to start the pot of soup.  No celery but I think it will still be good.  G just likes the broth, chicken and noodles and I have plenty of that.


Gale said...

Joanne - I love your trees! I have always intended to make my own cards but somehow run out of time! Guess I should make them in January.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas! I'm headed to the Gulf Coast for Christmas with friends as last year.

Paula, the quilter said...

Love your trees! I usually make my cards but this year I was running out of time and purchased a box. But guess what? I ended up making six anyway, because there wasn't enough in the box. I was at the big box fabric/craft store and found this brown&off white with gold metallic Christmas print for 60% off. Quarter of a yard later with some fusible web and my iron I had some very quick cards for the rest of the people on my list.

Annie said...

Oh my goodness, how I love your cute tree cards!

Diane said...

That Norfolk pine card is beautiful!
Would love to learn your technique for the cards!