Sunday, December 08, 2013

Simple Christmas Thoughts

The trees at work are not looking very good.  I am thinking this might be a good idea for 2013.  Just a basket and a tiny tree.  Some paperwhites.  A poinsettia.  Little clay pots with a very small Norfolk pine seeding in each which can double as tiny gifts if someone walks in with a present for us.

I found the (remainder) of unused Christmas photo cards I have sent in past years.  Now, I can get past the bad choice of photo card I purchased on Black Friday.  Looked ridiculous with my Doodle Trees.  One of the cards would look wonderful with a pencil drawing of a poinsettia and the other with a pencil drawing of a pine tree.  I bought the cards years and years ago.  It's exciting to find things you have forgotten--when you go looking for things you do remember owning.  Age????

My evening (yesterday) at the retail job was a nightmare (towards the end of the evening).  I ran out of gas.  I was unable to cope.  Very close to tears.  And it wasn't anything.  I was just too exhausted to even think, let alone problem solve.  Today at the greenhouse--I enjoyed watering and making decorated wreaths. Every. Single. One. Has. Sold.  Some, just moments after being hung up in the display area.  I am using the end bits of everything we have left.  Just riffing on my imagination.  Good Times.  No Crying.

Needless to say, I won't be doing the retail job again. I'll just buy everything I want before the end of my seasonal job.

Made a huge pot of kale, tomato, potato, bean soup before work yesterday.  Took a serving to work today but didn't eat it so gave it to a co-worker.  She was thrilled.  Home made soup.  She lives alone and will truly enjoy a good homemade soup.

Snow storm arrives in Maine tomorrow.  G has gas for the snowblower and the generator.  He is READY this winter.  Last December he was working--at the end of his own employment rope-- so we were not ready.  He even vacuumed the whole house.  Nice to come home to a clean house.

Nice to come home.  Looking forward to my furlough from both jobs.

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