Thursday, December 05, 2013

Here's A Sample Of Shaker Cabinets & Assorted Things

I am liking the simple vibe here in this kitchen.  Plain, flat, vanilla.  Well, actually a pale, greenish white.  Not that I am moving any closer to actually making up my mind.

G's Jeep went in for a new muffler and it's been three days.  Catalytic Converter.  $2000 plus.  And we still have no idea what is happening.  Parts are supposedly coming from Boston.  On the bus? On foot?

The Jeep "muffler" and the recent carpentry bill have "put me off" continuing on the remodel for the time being.  Sticker Shock and the balance in my bank account.  The kitchen is usable.  It's not time sensitive.  I can wait.

Still no Christmas Tree.  I ordered a fat bottomed 8 foot "wild" tree.  From my very own employer.  So far---silence.  And, no tree.  I'm taking that as a sign.  No tree. This year. Let's see if I can live with that.

I've been making custom wreaths all week.  Some pretty awesome ones.  Not like anything anyone has ever made.  And they are selling.  I stopped looking at the pictures in the book and just made a "version" of what was in the pictures.  Bigger.  Bolder.  Still an 18 inch wreath but the components  are larger.  It's fun.  I made three of my version of Katahdin and while making number four--was told the other three were already sold.  Then I got asked to make a 24 inch version--only with meter balls and a bow.  Wowza was that gorgeous.  Today's version had meter balls instead of berries.  I'm always ready to add or subtract.  So, work has been fun.  We're running out of the "usual supplies" so I am having to use my imagination.  Switch things up.  What I'm good at.

I took an orange pill at work yesterday (the wreath making table is just a bit too low and my back doesn't like it after 7 hours standing on cement)--no rash on my eyes.  I also have been having Trader Joe's Bran Flakes and soy milk for breakfast.  Wow.  They are so good and crunchy even in a bowl of milk.  Being "regular" is such a lovely thing.  We may have to go back and get more.

The days begin with freezing weather.  End with rain and fog.  Travel is dicey.  Visibility is tricky. Just doesn't seem like a Maine December.

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Annie said...

Love the simplicity and brightness of that kitchen.

I can't remember the last time I put up a Christmas tree, it was many years ago. We just aren't "Christmasy" people here I guess.