Monday, October 21, 2013

Yet Another Kitchen

This one has a center island as big as an actual island.  And, I think this is what mine will look like.  The stove behind on the back wall, the island with sink and dishwasher.  Cabinets under the counter top.  A few chairs (I am thinking--two).  Doorways on either side (already present).  J and I are debating the thin shelf units on the stove wall.  He is thinking that a number of items would be up there and not on the counter tops.  Easier to keep clean.  Like salt, pepper.  I just spent some of my "day off" cleaning, washing, wiping the coffee maker, sugar jars, spoon jars etc, etc.  All the stuff that is on the counter top.  In use.  Making dirt.

In any event, the workers have not been back here in a very long time.  They have that two story garage and breezeway to finish.  My work was delayed due to waiting for windows so I missed my window of opportunity, so to speak.

I friend moved into a rental and agreed to take/borrow the huge set of lined curtains I had in the attic.  I am so relieved to have that box gone.  Really nice, custom curtains.  Not me.  Now.  I bought them at an antique show a dozen or more years ago for about $100.  I used one curtain for that many years over the front door.  Got my money's worth.  I think they were for a sunroom or something.  All different widths but the same length on all of them.  Floor to ceiling.

I woke up this morning while it was still dark.  Got to fall back asleep.  No pending employment today. Woke again, later, and pulled on the "uniform" of work shirt and pajama bottoms.  Made coffee, read the newspaper, paid the bills.   I also washed the ripening tomatoes on the back porch, cut off the bad spots (lots) and have a new  4 quart batch of ketchup (tomato jam is what the foodies are calling it).  It's midway in the 3 hour simmer.  I taste tested the first batch on a piece of chicken.  Very tasty. I keep telling G we need French fries.

Last night, for dinner, I had the BBQ pork with one of the GF noodles my daughter gifted me with on my birthday.  I had the mung bean fettucini.  Smelled like drying grass.  Tasted like dried grass.  But it was okay.  I think if I covered it in enough "something" it would be doable as a pasta.  And no heartburn today.

I am planning to get dressed, finish doing laundry and visit the grocery and Goodwill.  That's all I have planned.  I am hoping the grocery visit stirs thoughts of "something for dinner" that has tons of leftovers for the week.  G usually enjoys baked chicken in heavy cream with lots of mushrooms served with rice and broccoli but what about me????  A kale/sausage/onion/pepper frittata?

I have the new Jo Nesbo thriller Police on my table.  Finished a light FBI romance.  Hotshot. Have another Scandanavian mystery but I got book two and not book one.  I am thinking I should start with one.  G and I watched episodes 2 and 3 of The Fall on Netflix last night.  Only two more left.  Then we will have to look for something else.  It has been suggested we try Orange is the new Black.  Or House of Cards.  I am dying to know what is happening on Homeland but have to wait till the season is over.

What about you?  What are you reading, watching, thinking about?


bidtl said...

Since you asked, I'm enjoying the kitchen pictures and reading a bunch. I just finished a three book series about Robin Hood by Stephen R. Lawhead. Very engaging and sort of fun. I like your kitchen ideas, I'm in the dreaming stage right now. I know what I don't want, but need to find something that will work. My current kitchen is from the late 80's. and made for someone who was 6 feet tall. Lots of high up cabinets and the work spaces aren't conducive to cooking. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

Paula, the quilter said...

I am not reading much at the moment as I spend my evenings knitting and listening to the ever present car show/program on the tv. Work during the day. Cleaned out the xeriscape over the weekend which was a major chore. I have the stump remains of three bushes to dig out next. Oh and I need to plant the bulbs for next spring. I like this kitchen the best so far.

Annie said...

Yup, I like this setup the best, very attractive.