Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Kitchen Picture

Hey! (I'm getting like Si on Duck Dynasty) here's another picture.  I want cupboards under the counter to store the six sets of dishes I have collected.  This design has cupboards and metal fronts.  My carpenter wants me to have things hanging over the counter--I am not that interested.

Today is my NINTH day at the retail job.  Doesn't it seem like triple that????  It feels like so much MORE.  Friday (#8) I worked the cash register line with 4 of my classmates for about 2 hours.  Either we were finally "getting" it or they were giving us a "trial by fire".   It was the dinner hour and things were slow.  We only had each other to ask for help.

I taught Pruning yesterday at the greenhouse job.  It was fun but I never have enough time to tell them everything I want to tell them. An hour is not long enough.  We never got to actually pruning anything.  The arborists usually only talk about big trees.  I talk about shrubs, roses, blueberries and fruit trees.  Things regular gardeners have to deal with themselves.  We spent a great deal of time on hydrangea pruning. Big time difficult when you keep losing the flowers.

I have been eating a healthy diet and still weigh 205 pounds.  Yes, I weigh that much now.  I was weighing 173 when I was complaining of not being able to lose the additional 10 pounds (to get to size 14).  But, and this is VERY strange, I am still wearing most of the clothing (16) I wore at 173.  It's not as loose but I am still wearing it.  I did, finally, have to put my favorite greenhouse pants (14) away.  I could still wear them, but they weren't as comfy.  And I couldn't fill the pockets.

I like my clothing loose.  There's nothing about have saddlebag hips and thighs that looks great in tight clothing. And this is where I carry almost all the extra weight.  And tight clothing always makes me feel like I am struggling out of a straightjacket or something.  In fact.  If given the choice (as I was for many years) I will wear the black cropped Perfect knit pants from LLBean and a K-mart mens XL pale blue work shirt (the set of four of them is now over 20 years old as there is no Kmart in Maine anymore) every single day of the rest of my life.  It's my favorite "uniform".  Unless, I am wearing the work shirt over pajama bottoms.  All day long.

Going to work--Hey! not the most comfortable outfits.

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