Thursday, August 29, 2013

Friday's Post A Day Early

Here's the new peaked roof.  Isn't it wonderful?  All the trim work they did today has made it look like it has always been there.  The support posts will become columns someday.  G and I are very, very pleased with the result.

These are pictures of the tomatoes I started from seed.  So much stronger than the ones I purchased from work.  I think from now on I will be starting my own tomato plants.  These went in a little later than I like.  And are just now getting a bit of pink on the first one.  But the first one is always the slowest.  Look how BIG these things are (four inches across). I wasn't expecting them to be big tomatoes.  Cherokee Purples.  And loaded with fruit.  Four plants.

These are the Siberian Reds.  Disease resistant.  Supposed to bear fruit early in the Spring and late into the Fall.  We'll see.  Each of the four plants has this many tomatoes on the branches.  G and I spend lots of time cutting tee shirts into strips so we can tie these branches up.  You can see one of the sunken pots we use when watering.  I have been adding fertilizer and compost to the pots so the water plus fertilizer will go straight down to the roots.  The plants did very well with the black landscape cloth used as mulch.  Not much discoloration of the leaves (yellow with brown spots) caused when water splashes up on the leaves during watering or when it rains.

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