Friday, December 09, 2016

Lost & Found

Not the red and white striped LLBean top.

But an Irish cotton shirt (J. Peterman), pale red, worn, soft, patched and loved.  Missing for quite a few years.  Found on a hanger in my closet as I was holding up items and seeing if they "sparked joy".  There was the shirt.  Missing for over 10 years I think.

And I reached for it.  Touched it to make sure it was real.   Ran my hands over the surface of it, the patched areas I had stitched.  And I placed it in the exact center of the closet.

So I can check to see if it's still there every time I open the doors. Strange but true.

At Goodwill, after dinner, we dropped off the bag of sparkless shirts I had removed from the closet and I found and purchased a moss green and navy LLBean stripe top just like the red and white one I can't find.  I had looked at it on several visits and said no.  Tonight I said yes and it just felt "right". It sparked joy.

There are moments in my life when it seems like I am learning lessons the hard way. Never quite understanding the meaning or significance of things that happen.  Not seeing what is right there in front of me. Searching for something I don't really need anymore.  Finding things I thought I had lost long ago.

Lost & found.

Letting go.  Saying yes.

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