Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Chocolate Bundt with Kahlua

But first I will need a Bundt Pan.  It seems improbable to have not owned one.  Perhaps I did, at some point, and things stuck?  And I gave it away?  I like the ridges and valleys coated in melted chocolate.
I love chocolate cake.  Always have and always will.

The dentist went well.  Better than well.  No pain.  There was numbing stuff on a stick before the shot. And the shot was a very lengthy process.  And it worked.  Pain free.

I did have some anxiety.  I did ask once or twice on what percentage of the time for the work had passed.  I like to know.  Helps me to judge how I am holding up.  Under duress.  My dentist, new for me, explained everything they were doing.  Said that the work for a crown was pretty straight forward and easier than for a filling.  That was true.  I worried for no reason.

Today, at work, I got to do one of my favorite tasks.  I just wish I hadn't been offered the work so close to closing time.  I could have gone slower and gotten a better result.  I got to mop the floor in the Garden Center where the front doors and cashiers are located.  It had gotten salty and dirty with the snow and traffic.  I also mopped the lunchroom and the adjacent public restrooms.  Under the table where no one mops.  But me.

Tomorrow is a busy day for me.  Haircut and a pedicure at my salon in the morning.  Then in the evening dinner out with my delightful new friend and sometime employer.  We are going to sample some Mexican food and have Margaritas.  I know we will talk too much and laugh just as much.  She's just returned from an art vacation in Spain.

I know I am supposed to be doing Christmas shopping and Christmas baking.  But I don't want to. G took me to the cookware store and told me to fill up the carry basket.  I did.  I should do that with everyone on my list.  Take them to a nice store they enjoy and let them buy things.  No wrapping.
Are you reading this dear son and daughter?  Go buy what you want--send me the bill.

I do have to remember the dog's presents.  Last year I forgot and he was actually very sad and made all of us feel badly about having presents to open.  Such sad eyes.  He even turned his back on us. It will be tricky to buy things that he can have with his delicate tummy problems.  The usual Marrow Bone will certainly make him sick.  A new squeaky toy.  A puzzle ball full of low fat treats.  Even a nice new collar or better yet a Thermopedic Bed.  He's probably really enjoy a heated bed.  But then G would like that as well.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Maybe you could get G a heated mattress pad. Lovely, and cheaper than a heated bed.