Tuesday, September 06, 2016

September Garden: Carrots

I think every regular Reader knows how much I love carrots.  I used to love them sliced on the diagonal with a tub of plain hummus.  I would eat until the tub was empty.  I haven't had any chickpeas recently.  I haven't tested sesame seeds.  I have been eating my garden carrots plain.  Just carrots.  Colorful food is beneficial to eye health.

Yesterday I went hunting for a pickled carrot recipe.  One I could "can".  There are plenty of pickled carrot recipes out there but since carrots are a low acid food--tricky to safely can them.  So, in the interest of adding (at best) 30 to 60 days of longevity to my carrots, I am going to try refrigerator pickled carrots.  Of course I can always use the porch fridge for "cold storage" by setting the fridge temp at 40 degrees.

I also like grilled carrots.  Carrots fried in butter until golden brown and carmelized.  Carrots cut into sticks with my regular mixed greens salads.  And Italian Carrot Soup thickened with white beans. I'm not too worried about being able to eat all the carrots.

When I pull up the carrots I will also pull up the beets.  I like the beets roasted, chilled and served with EVOO and Balsamic vinegar.  By the time this happens there should be green beans on my Blue Lake bushes.   Vegetable Stir Fry of beans, carrots, peppers and onions from my garden.

The green peppers on my "many" pepper plants are starting to change color.  To red.  I have a tray full in the freezer (cut into strips) ready to be packed in freezer bags.  For stir fry and chili during the winter.  I enjoy the bounty of the garden, but bringing in the heavy harvest basket--signals the true end of summer.  September.  In the next few weeks the Concord grapes should be ripe and Patty and I will be making grape jelly.  Oh, and my Fig Tree is heavy with figs.  Fig preserves.

Ah, well.  Planning for next year's garden isn't far away.  And I return to work next week.  Yes.  Going back to work.  I promised my employer I would return.  Already scheduled to teach three classes.  Before I know what's happening, I will be decorating wreaths.

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