Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Succulents: The New Geranium

We can't keep the succulent table stocked at work.  Easy to care for (just ignore them) and they don't care if it's sunny or shady.  I love the idea of this large flat topped pedestal container.  That thin wavy succulent at the top of the arrangement is wicked expensive.  And the whole thing would need to be moved into a "less than frozen" area for the colder winter months.  But right now--- Amazing.

My garden is full of weeds right now.  I did get all the red and yellow onions planted.  And the little tiny seedlings out of the Milk Jug experiment (sage and anise hyssop).  I have three kinds of tomatoes on the deck today (shielded from the direct sun by a lawn chair).  I am ready to get going but wanted a second cup of coffee and time to write to you Dear Readers.

Yesterday, after work, I went round to the library and found a mystery to read and an older copy of Permaculture magazine in the "share old magazines" racks.  Then the grocery for more Romaine lettuce for lunches.  I also noticed very large crates on the floor in the produce department with very large bags of "local potatoes".  Usually "local  Maine potatoes", while tasty are also very dirty.  These were exceptionally large Russets and they were clean.  And they were $3.99 for what looks like 10 pounds (but could be more).  G and I each had one potato, baked perfectly, with sour cream and fresh cut chives from my many, many chive plants.  One potato equals a complete meal.  Huge potatoes. I plan on having a nice hot baked potato every day until they are gone.  Use up those chives.

Yesterday, in our feeble attempt to downsize from 4 vehicles (for two people) to two vehicles--G purchased a new car.  Replacing one with another.  Not what I wanted.  My idea was that he would trade two vehicles for one new one.  But on the up side, it's a car not a truck.  He wanted a new truck. I did not want to ride into my golden years (70 to 80) in a truck.  So he traded an old Jeep for a new Jeep.

And, as I suggested, he totally cleaned the old Jeep with Simple Green.  Leather seats and all.  The guys at the dealership were totally gobsmacked at how good that Jeep looked.  How unused it looked.
We are pretty careful with our possessions.  Except for shoes and garden gloves (which we destroy), we are wearing and using some very vintage items.  And they look pretty darn fresh.

Now we need to get rid of (sell) the 1998 BMW Z3 Roadster that has been stored in the garage for over 8 years.  Only two years away from the 20 year "Vintage" label that is so worth waiting for.  (???)  Now the interior of that car is a dream come true.  The Rosewood steering wheel is a thing of beauty as is the custom leather and wood trim on all surfaces. Interested?  Oh, the car is a 6 cylinder, black with a rag top.  Easily gets past 100mph.  I think it has less than 25K in mileage. Owned by an old woman who doesn't drive much.  ROFL but it's true.

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