Friday, May 13, 2016

May Flowers

We (at work) are almost to the saturation point in floral color right now.  We need more petunia hanging baskets--especially the Heavenly Blue ones.  I have been busy at home, in the garden, and at work potting up geraniums etc for customers.  I have even done my first set of window boxes.

My wardrobe changed overnight.  From corduroy pants and thermal undershirts to capri pants and short sleeved tees (with a men's long sleeved shirt in case of a chill).  In the blink of an eye.  I even opened windows.  Cleared out the dust and winter odors.

I have NOT had my daily potato.  But, I have eaten my way through two large containers of strawberries.  Imported.  Not Maine's delicious berries.  Which reminds me to stock the car with $5 bills so I can stop on the roadside and buy berries when I see them.  Cash only.  And I never have cash on me anymore.  Waiting for someone to start selling rhubarb.  Mine is too small to pull.  I bet Patty's is ready.  I should call and check.  Her land sits on an aquifer and the rhubarb starts early and gets enormous.

The new "asthma" is causing me to be more tired in warmer weather.  I asked G about it (as he has a long term lung condition) and he said the tired-ness doesn't go away.  I have to adjust to it.  I haven't had to use the rescue inhaler.  Yet.

No lack of bees at work.  I have already been stung by one.  Back of the neck under my shirt collar.
And two or more black fly bites already. No brown tail moth rash, yet. No ticks since I found that one running around in my hair.

My neighbor asked me to mend her bed "quilt"-- more of a poofy comforter.  The top is pieced and some of the blocks are unsewing themselves.  I'll do it by hand over time using an invisible appliqué stitch.  Then I may take the time to tack it so she can wash it.  Re-tack.  I think at one time it was tacked but not well.  Not tightly enough or with double knots ( I am going to Google how to do the job correctly).  I will need to clear off my table and set up a "work station".  The light green perle cotton ball I purchased at Goodwill for one dollar will come in quite handy for the tacks.  Funny how that worked out.  G asked what I needed it for--and I said I don't know but I seem to need it for a future something.  And I did.

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Paula, the quilter said...

I use wool yarn to tack. That way when it is washed, the wool tacks felt up and won't ever untie.