Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I have been trying to write a new post here for three days and Google (which must have purchased blogspot) has been working overtime to block me.  I just finished a long entering process to get into my own blog.

Plus, I was working outside and am covered in large swollen insect bites.  Some multiple bites on the same small section of skin.  Itches like crazy.

Also, I was very strongly reminded that I am allergic to dust.  A neighbor asked me to repair and tack her rather large, puffy quilt for her.  I said yes.  It hasn't been washed in 10 years.  DUST.  I now have a hacking cough, chest congestion and who knows what else.

G and I tried out the new Taco Truck in Town.  Good.  Not great.  But he sold out of the fish tacos so they must have been great.  Next time I am getting a taco.  Not a burrito.  Too big and too mushy. The chef/owner was born and raised in Santa Clara, CA--right where my son lived for over 20 years-- so we "bonded".

My garden is coming along.  Some of the seeds I planted have germinated and their baby leaves look so cute against the soil.  Arugula and kale.  I managed to get some sage and anise hyssop germinated and grown in the milk jug experiment.  Also some Batchelor Buttons.  I purchased a new thyme plant to replace the one that seems to have disappeared.  Plants do that.  Just--- gone.

I've dug up and taken to work a large box of ajuga ground cover, a box of Lady's Mantle and on Thursday, a box of Nepeta (cat mint).  The other employees are eager to take home free plants.  One has shared her large thistle divisions with me.  It's nice to share.  No one was interested in the iris clumps so I set them in the woods.  Sometimes they grow.

Well, I tired of coughing. So I think I will just get another cough drop and another glass of water and settle into the sofa and try not to itch my bites.  The Witch Hazel I rubbed on the bites seems to be helping.  Not the most interesting post.  Sorry.

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