Friday, May 06, 2016

Fought The Cloud And Finally Won (I think)

I used to have over 700 pictures saved in the Cloud.  I didn't want them saved.  I deleted them time after time.  But the Cloud always put them back in my picture file.  I was about ready to take a hammer to the computer.

Then a customer (why are customers so nice?) mentioned the "setting" section of the Cloud.  I could choose to "NOT" save pictures.  So, we did that.  And I had to wait 30 days to see if it worked.  Each time I opened my computer I looked at the number of items in the picture file.  It's 86 and holding. I need to start finding more, new pictures.

Now I am going to try and get G to change the setting on addresses.  We can't delete the ones that need changing.  People move.  They change internet servers.  They go away and don't come back into my life.

Haven't been out in the garden all week.  It's been cold, windy and raining.  But tomorrow is the day. I will be weeding and trying out my "new to me" mulching method--guaranteed to smother weeds and grass.  Newspapers (thick) covered by wood chips.  The newspapers can be arranged around the stems of plants you do want to live and over things you no longer want to live.  Gardening is like that. Mean spirited at times. I also will be using my new Hori Hori gardening knife.  Wicked sharp and such fun to stab into weeds and dandelions.  The ajuga in the garden didn't stand a chance.

Last night's dinner was cold roasted beets with good olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.  Followed by popcorn.  Tonight was too much food on "dinner out" at an Italian spot in town.  G had the special of the day and I had my usual eggplant parm with a side of asparagus perfectly cooked.  Had too many little garlic knots with my salad.  Feel stuffed.  Tomorrow I will be having a smoothie and then working outside. Sort of a spa day.  My way.

Sunday back to work-- Mother's Day.  Thursday and today were nonstop with phone orders. As the boss says--everyone has one.  A Mother that is.  Now they will all have a hanging basket.  Petunia or Fushia.  Spell check says that is spelled wrong but the spelling they give me looks "wronger".

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