Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Snow Brings Flowers?

We got around 4 to 5 inches of wet sloppy snow yesterday.  The kind one has to shovel as the snow blower just isn't made for throwing wet heavy snow.  The streets and walks are dry and clear---the lawn and garden still white and COLD.

At work we are getting ready for next week's Open House.  The truck brings plants everyday. Pretty little pansies and violas.  Daffodils and tulips.  Crocuses.  Florist hydrangeas.  Mini rose bushes. And of course lots and lots of Easter Lilies. It's my job to see that it all gets watered.

I am cooking.  Made a huge panful of meatballs and baked them rather than frying.  Then they took a bath in marinara sauce for about an hour and then we ate about 25% of them.  The fridge containers of sauce and meatballs is like having "money in the bank". I have some very thin pork chops to cook tomorrow.  I usually like them breaded and fried with German potato salad.  We'll see.

I am reading.  Book number two in that mystery series finally arrived and the plot was not ruined by the details in book three.  So, now I am halfway into book three. Alls well.  Well, with the reading--not with the murder mysteries in the books.

I am dreaming.  The Dream Jobs keep right on occurring.  One night it was this job managing a huge abandoned Mall that served as housing for 20 somethings.  Most of these "jobs" I spend the night working, tend to seem to occur in the past.  Lately, they seem to be more futuristic.  The kids had no homes or families and were hard pressed to put a roof over their heads.  I might be listening to too much Bernie talk.  Anyway, they rented space in the Mall and were creating art etc.  It was very interesting.  The next night I was in the country, moving furniture out of a house.  I really wish I knew what my subconscious was trying to tell me.

I am shopping at Goodwill.  Today I purchased a very cool pair of summer garden pants.  Linen.  Hot pink. Baggy.  A used white bowl that is just like my favorite white bowls.  I now take my yogurt lunch to work in a white bowl instead of a plastic container.  I also eat my morning bran flakes out of the same white bowls.  Now I have four.  Which somehow makes me feel very good.  I also purchased a golden yellow linen shirt from Bean's.  I very carefully removed the stitched "darts" they insist in sewing into the back panel of the shirts.  I just wish I could make the sleeves longer.  Everything about the "new" linen blouses is cheap.  But for $2.50, I will cut and patch until the shirt is the way I want it.  Even adding more fabric to the sleeves.

I am also eating Dairy Queen ice cream.  Once a week.  The plain vanilla cone.  I wish they made a strawberry cone.  Sometimes, I have the swirled vanilla and chocolate cone.  Never just chocolate.
They opened on the exact day-365 days after I drove G home from the hospital last year and I stopped and bought him a butterfinger blizzard--small. He said nothing had ever tasted so good.  Being alive is pretty wonderful.

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