Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blooming Spring

Thank you to all who wrote a comment on the last post.  Sigh.   I needed them.

G and I ventured out to Freeport yesterday in the rain.  I cleaned out a closet and had a few "never worn" Bean items to return and G had a very nice sweater that he loved wearing--unsew itself in the wash.  Bean takes it all back.  Unworn, unwanted and/or disappointing.  I think the return policy co-opts having controls on quality.  The quality has been diminished in recent years. As the prices have gone up.

A report on the milk jug germination project.  I have 70% of the jugs with tiny little baby seedlings growing.  I call that a success, as I didn't have to have pots on shelving, under lights etc all over the house.  The broccoli and Brussels sprouts are doing the best.  Onions and shallots look good as well.
things got a bit too wet in the recent daily rain, so I have been covering all the crates full of jugs with plastic and burlap on wet days and most nights.   Now I have to start my tomatoes and peppers.  In the house.  I'm going to try to get my Romanian and Sicilian seeds to germinate and the red pepper seeds I saved last summer from a very wonderful, thick walled pepper.  I have to dig around and find my pelleted carrot and beet seeds.  Time to think about planting seeds.

I walked (successfully) with my friend J yesterday.  No asthma effects and I didn't have to use the rescue inhaler.  I had my phone with me in case G needed to come get me in the car.  I walked for about 80 or 90 minutes and felt wonderful the entire time.  No heaviness in my chest and no struggling to take a breath.  My new treatment seems to be working.  I always had the strength to walk but not the oxygen.

The citrus plants on top of the cabinets are setting flowers so pretty soon the kitchen area will be perfumed with citrus blossoms.  My Amaryllis are in blossom.  Very tall and four flowers per stem.  Each has (or has had) two stems.  The Easter cactus isn't faring as well.  Only one bud is visible on the hot pink one.  None on the orange (my favorite).  And the white isn't doing much of anything.

I do have cut branches of forsythias blooming on the table and near the sink.  If I had children around I would have brought out my large collection of easter egg ornaments and decorated the branches as I did when living in Germany.  Holidays were much more festive there.  Simpler but more heartfelt. It seems like "too much trouble" to pull them out just for myself.  But perhaps I should make the effort as I do at Christmas, with the tree.

Time to shove off to work.

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Susan Sawatzky said...

Joann, what do I do with my amryllis after the bloom is off the "rose" so to speak?

susan in port townsend, wa