Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Making Terrariums

We will be making terrariums at work on Saturday.  It's a class customers can sign up for and pay $40 for the terrarium they make.  I'm not teaching.  I'll be doing repots and answering questions and running around all day.  Today, I think I actually never stopped walking for a 3 hour period of time.

In fact, it was after 2 pm before I wondered if it was time for lunch.  Since I go home at 3--well, I had lunch out on the back stoop with Riley (at home).  Yogurt with bran buds and red grapefruit segments.  G was out pruning.  Tomorrow he has a plumbing job at our daughter's house.

I like the terrarium up top--I like the air plant on the left and the lovely shell on the right.  In the back, the dark object looks like lava rock and then we have the artistic stick and moss ball.  Easy to care for--just take the air plant out for a quick dunk in the sink and then put it back.  I would imagine the finished terrarium up top at about $100.  Those glass balls are very expensive.  Empty. And an air plant that size is around $18 or more.

So, back at work.  Tired.  Very tired.  But happy to be back in the greenhouse with all that warmth and light.  Easy enough to fall asleep at night.  Breathing seems much better-- might not even need the inhaler.

I'm still wearing my big baggy corduroy pants to work--but with a belt to hold them up.  I just like wearing big baggy pants.  I will be sad when I have to stop wearing corduroy.

Tomorrow we will be having rain.  Like every other day.  But it's not cold.  And the broccoli seeds have started germinating.  About 6.  Which is 6 more than I have even gotten to germinate before. Nothing else is doing anything but I still check on all the jugs--just in case.  Ever the optimist? I think all gardeners are optimistic.  Have to be.

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