Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nice Greenhouse

But why you would fill it with furniture is beyond me.  Greenhouses are HOT.  Even with the door open.  Today the temp in the greenhouse at work was perfect.  If you were wearing a heavy hooded sweatshirt.  Today it rained. (and it was cold)  Finally.  G had put the grub killing treatment on the lawn and was waiting for the rain to soak it into the grass and on to it's final destination--into the grubs.  Who eventually, if allowed to live, turn into Japanese beetles.  I do not like JB's.

Work today.  Another in a long and, often, annoying day.  So many long distance calls to order things, at the very last minute, for the "dearly loved" mom.  And the oft repeated "make anything that you think she might like".  Because I know your mom so well.

I had repeat customers on the long distance calls. (go figure) I guess I did know what mom wanted.  Because I made up things I WANTED.  That's the secret to my success at work.  I tell people what I wish I had known about gardening, lawns etc.  I select gifts I would buy myself.  I make up containers and window boxes with flowers I like, and would buy, if I wasn't so cheap.

My daughter called me at work to joyfully let me know she had succeeded in buying me what I wanted for Mother's Day.  An old canoe paddle.  For stirring manure tea in my 30 gallon garbage can in the garden. The proof that we don't always know what mom might like.

I hope there is someone out there choosing something wonderful for you tomorrow.  And hoping your Mother's Day is filled with love and some sunshine.  I will be at work.  Earning time and a half. (smile)

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