Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Retired Handyman's Work

This is the view from my back deck out to the vegetable garden.  Isn't the grass GREEN?  It's the Bayer Grub Control.  You can see my orange 30 gallon garbage cans.

This is the pergola that G built over the back four raised beds.  I can train pole beans and cucumbers up and over the top this year and no worries that everything will fall over.  Nice and sturdy and it is fun to walk under it.  Like playing house.  You can see (if you look close) that he also built in a hose holder for the green hose.  The can to the far left is my compost "tea" can.  And, the canoe oar worked a "treat" on stirring the "tea".  Thank you, Sam for the perfect Mother's Day Gift.

And, not to be left out of the gardening post, is Riley.  Always ready to come in and sniff things.  Here he is looking at the peas just beyond the pergola wall.  Wondering when they are going to pop out  the ground.  They are going to climb that little lattice support at the bottom of the picture above this one.

I have more pictures for the next time I post.  Sorry it's not more often, but I am so exhausted most days that I haven't even been COOKING.  Today, after work, I managed to go to the grocery with a list and four menu ideas.  We had corn and fried chicken tenders tonight.  Tomorrow it's pork in a spicy Chinese marinade (sherry, ginger, garlic, soy and ketchup) on the grill with steamed rice.  There is also a pork ragu with mushrooms and hot Italian sausage with cheese tortellini somewhere this week and steaks with baked potatoes.  I also bought the deli roast chicken breasts.  They are so delicious.  And if I don't cook it, I can eat chicken.  Which is why I buy the fried tenders.

Yesterday (my day off) G and I worked in the front garden.  Must take pictures of that.  And G was digging up the rocks that outline the front island bed and he needed more rocks.  I have a rock pile that I begged from a farmer.  They plow the fields and turn up rocks and were happy to give them to me.  Some were very large and I used them to build a small rock wall.  Still standing!  Yeah!  So, I went to the pile with a shovel and wedged a few ( 7 or 8) of the biggest and then carried them over to G.  I was wearing shorts and tank top and it was cloudy.  I seemed to have gotten an uncomfortable sunburn on the back of my neck and the tops of my shoulders.  It hurt at work today when I was outside in the sun.  Ouchie!!!  Doesn't feel good when I take a shower either.

Well, it's time to watch Masterpiece on PBS and then go to bed.  Hope you are enjoying the nice weather.  Well, it's nice here in Maine.  How often can I say that and be telling the truth?


Diane said...


Your back yard and garden is just beautiful. I can't believe how green your grass is! Makes me wish I was living back in Maine and not in hot & humid Florida!
Riley so cute checking out the smells!!

kathy said...

Love your garden set up and the pergola is amazing. I also thought cucumbers were crawlers not climbers. If there's a pickle that climbs, I'd be interested!

Annie said...

I'm enjoying your gardening and work at your job posts.
Nice pics today, love seeing Riley.