Saturday, November 05, 2005

Wasting Away In Margaritaville

VIRGO (August 23 - Sept. 22)
A Virgo friend of mine recently complained that last month's horror-scope was rather unappealing. I decided to make it up to you this month by reading your House of Whimsy, a little-known astrological hideout of mirth. First, you will begin making plans to travel. Next, you will realize that the mantra of this decade is "I don't know." Explore your fickle side by being picky in a possible romantic situation mid-month and don't hesitate to do some serious pre-holiday shopping. Finally, Truths are harder to see right now, but they are worth seeking out. See? That wasn't so bad.

I complained. I also had a bad haircut that I was recovering from all month so I was "testy". I did do a lot of shopping in the past two days with photos of the loot to follow in the next post. I posted yesterday and the title and corrected time showed up but no text. And it was so witty and hilarious. I can say that because it's "disappeared".

A friend and I traveled to New Hampster for the "Quilter's Gathering" and on the way we had a flat tire and waited endlessly for AAA to rescue us. I had the camera. Did I take photos of the two cute guys (with cute wives) who stopped to ask if we were okay and the even cuter State Policeman? No, I did not. And it would have been so "journally" to have done so. I must visualize and add the mantra "take the picture" to my meditation.

So next post--later today--with pictures. Can't wait to see what order they jumble themselves into---iphoto has a serious rebellious streak.

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