Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Did You Miss Me??

Remember that Mercury Retrograde thing? Well, my hard drive fried itself while I was reading a blog--a few days after the last post. The Hub has been trying to "fix" it but finally the day after Thanksgiving we drove down to the closest repair center and left the laptop there for a look/see.

Today we got it back and they got $259. Now to restore files. I lost all my email addresses, files etc. The only thing the tech guy could extract were some blog photos. For "several Hundred" dollars--a company can attempt to retrieve the rest. I said there was nothing that valuable. I guess people lose all their baby or wedding pictures. If I had pictures of quilts that had been sold I would want them back. I know the new owners and they will be happy to let me make photos of the quilts--this time on a real camera--no digital.

Tomorrow I will take a digital photo for all of you---of the gingerbread house we made for the library. The wood doll house kit was very cheap and it took awhile longer to cut the pieces out and sand and paint them before we could even start putting the parts together. Then it wasn't looking all that "cute". My daughter helped me do the finish work on Thanksgiving while we cooked dinner. Paint-stir-glue-chop-mix- paint. Multi-tasking. And both the dinner and the house turned out fantastic. I hope you will agree. We had several glue gun burns while attaching all the tiny pieces of faux candy to the walls and foam shingles to the roof. It all came together when I glued and sprinkled "twinkle" all over everything--looks like sugar.

Now that my library project is done I can get back to my fabric! My "Y" quilt and the orange and electric blue marigold I was topstitching when I sewed my left index finger to the quilt. I can hardly wait for Wednesday.

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Deborah said...

Yes, I missed you! Can't wait to see the gingerbread house, both the pictures and the real thing at the library.