Sunday, November 06, 2005

More Shopping and Picture Upload Adventures

Now this lovely lady was found at TJ Maxx and I got the manager to mark her down because she has only one leg. I wanted her as a gift for my neighbor who has an "Angel Party" every December to thank all the women who have been guardian angels to her in the previous 12 months. I usually qualify because I pick up her newspapers and walk her dog once or twice. This year I gave her produce from my garden and we raked and removed her leaves from the lawn--we wanted them to compost the garden. See it's easy to be someone's angel.

Anyway, I then got to thinking that the construction of this doll was not all that complicated. So I may make my neighbor a new doll instead of just making the doll a second leg. And I'll get to use some of my vast stock of tulles and netting for the lovely floaty skirt. I can also think wonderful thoughts while making the doll so my neighbor gets the benefit of those good thoughts.

Again we have no pictures here but pictures in the preview. Blogging is certainly an adventure. These are "embellishments" I purchased. Stamps, glow in the dark plastic flies, beaded coasters (I was thinking a 9 patch with the coasters in 8 of the patches). I also got some "words" to add to an altar quilt if I ever get up the nerve to make one.

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Deborah said...

I love the idea of an angel party. Good loot there! Be careful, you might get addicted to those stamps. You'll have to start carving your own.