Sunday, November 06, 2005

Shopping Report

If I had been drinking more--this would seem okay to me. I have a bunch of scribbly words instead of pictures but in the preview--there are pictures. Let's see what happens. If it's awful, then we'll delete.

The first photo is of a "self portrait" I was making. I don't look like this but it was fun to make so I kept adding to the face and then added borders and it looks sort of African to me and I've always wanted to make an African style quilt.

The second photo is of the small collection of African fabrics I bought while in New Hampster on Thursday. I tried to select fabrics with my trademark "dots" and with turquoise and orange in the mix.

I plan to add asymetrical borders to the portrait using the fabrics I purchased and some American commercial fabrics that have an "African" feel to them. I'm hoping to not overwhelm the portrait with borders. The face is quite charming by itself.

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Elle said...

I love African fabrics and try to use them as much as possible. All of my quilts are backed with them.