Wednesday, February 04, 2015

What I See Outside

I think it is supposed to snow again.  40% chance of more snow.

Tomorrow I go for a doctor's visit.  Postponed (due to weather) from Monday--and previous to that postponed from last Thursday--for weather.  The phone may ring in the morning postponing the appointment yet again.

I ordered books from the Maine Library Service.  Lots of the lending libraries said there was a long holding time. So, I ordered nine.  Thinking it would take time to get them.  Not so.  I have a huge pile on the table. I am working my way through the first one-- The Miniaturist by Jesse Burton.  Takes place in the last half of the 1600's in Amsterdam.  It's quite dark.

Not much else to write about.  G and I took Riley for a walk on neighborhood streets on the leash. He (and us) hadn't been out walking since last Monday.  When we got back home I took Riley out on the paths around the yard.  Riley was running around like a crazy dog and knocked me onto the ground. And---I had fallen and couldn't get up.  Really.  I had hoped G would look out the door and come help me up.  Eventually, I did manage to get up and back into the house.  I was covered in snow.  Riley thought it was all the best sort of fun.  Wanted to do it more often.

I eventually dried off and warmed up.  Riley took a nap.  G had to go out and charge up the battery in my car--I've not driven the car in many many weeks.  Since it started snowing.

Well, back to reading.

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