Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Endless, Endless Snow.

G and I went outside today.  Well, G went outside yesterday as well, at 10 pm when the wind finally quit, to snowplow the 8 inches we got during the day.  It seems like 80 inches.  I don't think we got over 5 degrees yesterday--with wind it was below zero.

Today the sun is shining and I had an appointment for a haircut.  The roads---OMG--slushy, slippery, messy.  So, not the way life is here in Maine usually.  At the salon I was being coaxed into another visit in the afternoon for a pedicure.  Massaging chair and the possibility of little flowers on my toenails.   But I am not driving this winter unless the roads are perfectly dry.  And G had a job removing snow (Friday's and yesterday's) from a friend's driveway.

When G gets back, we are going to the library to get me a book.  I need a book.

I also stayed home for a "fact finding interview" by the unemployment office.  One second into the call-- an apology because there was no reason for it. They had made a mistake.  How nice is that? I love when someone, cheerfully, admits to an error and begs my pardon.  Nice.

I made pizza for the Super Bowl on Sunday.  And I even watched the game.  And I was happy I did as the game was a very good one, entertaining and exciting.  50% of the of the multi million $$$ commercials were good.  What a waste of money.  And the Patriots won.  Which was good because G was beside himself with worry and anxiety through the game and by the 4th quarter 11 second mark he was very very sad.  By the 10 second mark he was very very happy.  I hope the very same two teams (Patriots and Seattle) get to do it again next super bowl ---and I have a feeling it will happen.

G made me two planting boxes for my onion and leek seedlings.  Very posh boxes.  I will show them to you when I have them filled with dirt and seeds.

I sorted my seed packets yesterday and chose the items I want to plant this year.  More flowers.  More onions.  More herbs.  More carrots.  No turnips. This year I want kohlrabi instead.  And I want fennel that makes bulbs.  Last year I waited and waited for the fennel to make seeds and it never did.  I need fennel if I am ever to make my own sausages.

I am also going to plant smaller tomato varieties in hopes of more tomatoes--sooner.  We had terrible luck with wilt last year on the tomatoes and struggled to keep the plants alive until the fruit could ripen.  I am starting the seeds WAY earlier than the seed charts recommend.  I need to have really hefty seedlings ready to go into the ground in June if I am to have a good crop of tomatoes.

And I want to have all the items for ratatouille in the garden.  I made three huge pots of the stuff (for the freezer) and it just wasn't enough.  I especially love eating it when it's snowing.

Yesterday I had a Rice Bowl.  Brown rice, wilted kale and spinach, onions and peppers tossed with a very odd Parmesan from Trader Joes that melts and gets sticky.  The cheese made everything stick together in big chewy clumps and it was quite wonderful.  I'm making another bowl today--with a bigger pile of rice and the addition of some edamame since I am almost out of kale.

More snow coming on Thursday and again on the weekend.  Two a week storms for the next 6 weeks? we'll see.

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diane said...

It is snowing again here today. Fifteen inches this past Sunday and supposedly another three or so today. Everything is in monochrome today. Shades of white and gray everywhere and fine, fine snow falling. The only color is the crinkled brown of the oak leaves that will hang on until the new leaves are ready to emerge in the spring. I am glad I have nowhere I have to be and that I have a new book to read. The Girl on the Train. I'll let you know how it is. Stay safe in this weather.