Thursday, February 05, 2015

What I Like Today-Thursday 2/5/2015

That my visit to the doctor is a thing of the past.  Not that it was terrible.  She didn't yell but told me I only get "one pass" each year.  And I wasn't one of the sad souls wearing a face mask and feeling terribly sick-- there were many of those.

My biggest decision this morning was whether to eat breakfast and drink coffee before going to the office and being weighed.  I even wondered about removing my boots before stepping on the scale. And--well, to both I said 'screw it".  I am what I am. Weigh what I weigh.

I did have a baseline EKG because I had never had one in all my 68 years.  It was positively normal.

I refused the pneumonia vaccine.

I now have an inhaler ($40 co-pay--boo!!)  which is making my breathing easier.  It should be extra good on cold walks outside.  Doctor checked back into my files and I had inhalers before.  When I worked at the library and it was very dusty with new construction.  I wheezed.  I think every member of my immediate family had some sort of breathing/asthma issue.  Had--no longer with us.

My new favorite thing at the grocery.  It used to be chicken tenders from the deli--all crisp and fried.
Now it's the Super Foods Kale Salad.  I had a small one yesterday and today got a one pound container.   I detected kale, red onion, walnuts and a few blueberries in it.  Whole Foods had one--but they don't anymore and it had some seeds in it.  I liked it very much as well. I have seeds and can always add some.  In fact, I am going to google super foods and find out what they are.

Yesterday I bought a 5.6 pound butternut squash and peeled and cubed it (quite a workout) and roasted the cubes with olive oil.  Today I found a bunch of large beets (organic) and they are wrapped in foil and roasting in the oven.  I also have a big batch of brown rice resting in the rice cooker.  I am seeing a few Rice Bowls in my future with kale, red onion, butternut cubes and beets.  Perhaps a few raisins or dried cranberries.  And walnuts?

I am trying very hard to eat the 5 suggested fruits of vegetable recommended.  I eat larger servings so perhaps I needn't try so hard?  I already had a banana and yesterday I had fresh pineapple with my yogurt.

We heard a commercial on the radio--while driving through town to the doctor on slippery, unplowed streets--- that people can have --21 POUNDS of "stuff" clogging their colons.  The radio guy had a "PRODUCT" we could send for/order which would remove that 21 pounds.  How could this be true???  So people really could be full of s**t.


diane said...

Oh, Joanne, that last bit is just too funny! Thanks for the giggle!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

My solution to the fruits and veggies has been to eat one or the other at every meal. It's easy to add another two, or like you said, bigger portions. I also eat a protein at every meal. Carbs take care of themselves. :)