Saturday, December 06, 2014

Just Beginning To Wrap It Up

At work we are in the thick of it.  Wreaths, custom and ordinary.  Swags, which are getting more popular each year.  Fairy Gardens.  Yes!!!  I love making them and the customers seem to enjoy them as well.  I have another waiting to be made for Dec 12th delivery.

My tree---too big and not very pretty according to G--- is in the garage, in a bucket of water waiting to be installed.  Not yet, I say.  I want a day of rest.  Reading.  Writing a post.  Making a pot of soup. (lentil this time from a German recipe)  Starting to work on my handmade cards.

What I really want is to sleep.  I am very tired.

We are working longer and more often--we didn't hire any Christmas extra help.  The parking lot is covered in slippery ice.  I rarely get home before dark.  I think I am working more this year than I did last year with TWO jobs.  Or it just feels that way.

We lost power at 5 pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  I had baked my sweet potatoes, made a pumpkin cheesecake and made two batches of the boozy cranberries.  Then dark.

On Thursday I was trying to figure out, with the generator as the power source, how I would cook dinner.  Only one outlet had power as we have a small generator that is mainly for lights, fridge, microwave and furnace.  I had a Nesco roaster in the attic and decided to put the turkey in it and then have G drive it over to our daughter's house (with power) and roast it there.  I had the other menu items ready and on the cold porch waiting---hoping the power would go back on.

On the way home from dropping off the turkey/roaster, G drove down the road and asked people if the had power.  Turns out they all did.  Just our street was down.  The Squirrel Buster Thing had tripped.  So, G went looking for a power truck crew.  And found one a few streets away.  Asked them to check the pole and throw the switch.  They said they would consider it.  After they were done reattaching wires to a house.  About an hour which would bring the time to 2 pm.   I set my little timer and then went on sewing little Santas out of felt.

Before the hour was up.  Bing.  The lights came on.

We're calling this the Thanksgiving that G Saved.  Our Hero.

I fired up the stove, G went to get the turkey and we managed to sit down to dinner by 6 pm.  It was all very delicious.

All the leftovers are gone.  I have a few roasted sweet potatoes (from this Tuesday) and a few cups of green bean casserole.  G ate the last piece of pumpkin cheesecake yesterday.

Now we are facing Christmas.

I seriously think working retail at this time of year really puts you OFF the holiday.  I have no interest in shopping for anything.  I am thinking about baking cookies--lots of them like in the "old days".  And perhaps some Chex mix for the gang at work.

Other than that it may be a grilled cheese sandwich and some baked beans. Fa. La. La.

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bidtl said...

I've been unemployed for the last fifteen christmas seasons. I still have trouble not getting stressed about it. I was in retail for about twenty years, most in floral and garden center jobs. Its hard to escape that feeling of, I dont know how to explain it, like you'll never catch up, or there is not enough time. Breath and remember its not your "hurry".