Monday, December 15, 2014

Only Ten More Days

At about this point, I have lost interest in working.  It's not fun. This is week #39.  Time to be unemployed.  Redundant.

The sun was shining today, so the greenhouse was nice and warm and humid since I watered everything.  And I cleaned up the Venus Flytraps.  They had gotten all funky and green.  Fertilizer.  So I washed them off, clipped off the green and gave them fresh water.  Hoped that a new home was in their immediate future.

G and I finally got our acts together and mailed our son's Christmas box.  Really, we have only one child who lives "away" and we can't seem to get the box in the mail any sooner (usually later). I can't say what's inside as he reads this blog.  Hi! honey.

I bought white gel pens and brown kraft paper blank cards for the annual handmade card.  I just have to find time to start drawing.  I know.  Purchased cards would be easier.  But not me.  I got the idea from a few things on PinInterest.  I started my first file.  PI sent me a congratulatory email.  Really.
I must be their slowest new member.  Months and not one "pin".

We have also been to our first (and probably only) Christmas party.  I wore a skirt.  YIKES.  And black tights.  But my closet came up short on what I could wear on top of that skirt.  I did notice a number of women wearing cute short sleeved tees (holiday types) over long sleeved black tees.  It was interesting.  Two glasses of red wine and I had a terrific headache at work the next day.

The Christmas Tree is still in a bucket in the garage.  I am being to think the tree is also becoming "redundant" in our lives.  Not needed.  Too much trouble.

I did some shopping at Wally World this morning as I was over an hour too early to go into work. It was very entertaining.  I forgot to buy a coffee at Dunkin in the lobby.  Darn.

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MariMo said...

I recognize the feelings about the Christmas tree. We discussed this several times, but then, on Monday night, Larbi decided it was Christmas tree time. So we bought one and put it in a bucket on the terrace. I wonder when I will get the urge to start decorating.....